Mike England has been working with photography since 1970. As Senior Photographer at the Tate Gallery London (1980-1989) he photographed many famous names in the art world and contributed to the development of conservation photography for which the Tate has a worldwide reputation.

As a core features contributor to IPC and National Magazines he travelled throughout the British Isles photographing places and people. His editorial work is published widely, and he is currently Programme Leader for Photography at the University of Cumbria.

His work is occasionally a dialogue between photography and conceptual art. It is an investigation of inconsistencies.

The projects ‘HOW DO YOU KNOW HOW I SAW IT?’ and ‘A DARK MATTER’ are looking at unexpected permanent cessation issues.

His most recent project is ‘THE MEASUREMENT PROBLEM’, within which he continues to explore contradictions, and is trying to give a feeling of something that contains elements that are illogical or inconsistent with expectations.






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